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Discover Six Ambitious Ukrainian Scale-ups Joining the First Edition of the Growth Ukraine Program

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We are thrilled to welcome six innovative Ukrainian teams to the first cohort of our inaugural – Startup Wise Guys Growth Ukraine program – which runs in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by Taiwan Business-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund.

Designed to elevate Ukrainian scale-ups onto the global stage, this unique four-month Growth program provides startups with practical knowledge to scale their sales strategy, preparing them for a desired expansion into European markets while assisting in the development of effective fundraising strategies.

Selected participants are working closely with our international mentors, Startup Wise Guys General Partners, industry experts, and seasoned founders from our portfolio companies – receiving intense mentoring, access to diverse matchmaking and networking possibilities with investors and corporates, available both online and onsite, with all culminating at the graduation event in the charming city of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Meet the teams from the first edition of the
Growth Ukraine Program

These forward-thinking Ukrainian teams joined the first edition of the program that will run from October 2023 to April 2024. Meet the startups:

InVisionary Box – is a SaaS solution offering AR-based gamified experiences to boost offline customer engagement. InVisionaryBox is a solution for customer engagement and brand awareness.

KYCaid – is developing automated document processing, data extraction and validation based on internal computer vision algorithms and AI for document segmentation. 

PLATMA – is the platform that helps SMBs pass IT developers and automate their business processes without IT skills. PLATMA is the next era of Low/No Code Development Platforms evolution that is grounded on the real Declarative Programming approach.

Revisior – is a comprehensive feedback and NPS service. An IT service that allows you to collect feedback, process and analyze the level of service from each point of contact with the Client, as well as to propose solutions to problems. 

Spendbase – is a platform for companies to optimize SaaS, cloud and corporate card spending. 

xTiles – is developing an all-in-one platform to help creators gather and process information in one place in a visual way. 

Why Ukraine, why now?

Over the past decade, Ukraine developed a vibrant digital start-ups ecosystem. Its companies remained robust in the face of the ongoing war, despite experiencing significant challenges in growing and expanding their businesses. Through investment in human capital and innovation, this programme forms part of the EBRD’s work in supporting the recovery in Ukraine. Growth Ukraine program stands out as one that provides existing Ukrainian companies equity-free support, tailored scaling strategies, and European exposure. It is one of the first no-fee programmes to offer extensive in-kind support to later-stage start-ups.

 “We are delighted to continue our cooperation with Startup Wise Guys, this time around an acceleration programme specifically designed for Ukrainian startups. With the backing of TaiwanBusiness – EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund, we have successfully encouraged growth and innovation in the private sector across EBRD’s countries of operations. Ukraine’s IT sector has demonstrated remarkable resilience in wartime. Therefore, supporting Ukrainian startups and early-stage companies is important at this difficult time and will be crucial to the post-war
recovery and reconstruction of the Ukrainian economy.”

Alex Pivovarsky, Director of Capital and Financial Markets Development at EBRD

The program is managed by Mariia Tintul – our esteemed Head of Business Development. Since day one of the war, Mariia has been diligently working on numerous initiatives to support Ukrainian startups. With 9 years of experience in business and sales behind her back, she brings vast knowledge and expertise to the table. She has been an incredible mentor in various programs and managed our inaugural Extended Reality batch back in 2022, showcasing her leadership skills and knowledge.

“The core idea behind this project is to support already existing businesses, most likely created before the war, that are now struggling to break the glass ceiling and take larger steps into the EU. Needless to say, being Ukrainian myself and forced out of my home and community in Kyiv, I’m extremely proud and excited to be bringing a Growth program to Ukrainian founders and helping make an impact through business. I hope that stronger “regular” startup businesses will create a ripple effect and bring more jobs, more taxes, more investment activity and help strengthen the Ukrainian economy.”

Mariia Tintul, Head of Business Development and Managing Director of Growth Ukraine Program at Startup Wise Guys

The applications to the second edition of the program are still open until November 17- you can apply through this LINK and learn more.