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Explore the Future of Web3: Welcoming Six Game-Changing Startups

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We are thrilled to welcome six innovative startups that are set to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in the Web3 space! These startups are part of our inaugural Web3 acceleration program, a new initiative by Startup Wise Guys that runs in collaboration with 3 Comma Capital. This 4-month program is packed with workshops and masterclasses from top industry professionals, covering essential topics like product development, fundraising, and marketing.

The batch kicked off last week in Lisbon and was hosted by Poolside Lisbon, and gathered together purpose-driven founders from France, Georgia, Germany, Estonia, Turkey, and our first-ever team from Peru. 

Meet our 17 founders, including two inspiring female co-founders, each bringing their unique flair. They’re transforming industries with blockchain technology in fields like agribusiness, sports entertainment, digital legacy, cybersecurity, democratization of investment opportunities, and brand marketing. 

Meet the teams:

Enefty (Germany) – is boosting community engagement with web3 memberships for brands. Bringing practical applications to consumer brands in Hospitality, Events & Festivals, Fashion, Sports, Fundraising, etc.

Finceptor (Turkey) – is a DeFi capital and liquidity financing platform natively built for Web3 protocols to access token financing at pre-token, token launch, and post-token stages.

Nefture (France) – is a blockchain security company. They help web3 users stay ahead of threats through real-time security alerts and comprehensive smart contract analysis.

Time Guardian (France)  – the revolutionary app that lets you transfer your digital legacy safely and reliably for generations to come inside a Time Capsule. 

Tru Market (Peru) – Helping growers connect and sell, in a blockchain-based platform that ensures transparency and trust from farm to table

Scorestars  (Estonia) – revolutionizes engagement for professional sports leagues, blending fantasy sports with digital collectibles

Meet the program team

The batch is managed by Gilles De Clerck, who has already done an amazing job as our growth mentor and is now stepping up as the Managing Director of the program. He is set to leverage his expertise in revenue growth and mentor connections within the web3 sphere, offering tailored support to drive startup progress. Alongside him, our brilliant team members, Nicoleta and Brianna, will be working closely with the batch, giving them all the necessary support they need.

Program Partner

To tap into the best of web3 know-how, we’ve partnered with 3CommaCapital for our program. Their partners, serving as Entrepreneurs in Residence, bring first-hand expertise and an extensive network of mentors and investors to help our startups make their mark in the web3 space.

Our mission at Startup Wise Guys has always been to help ambitious founders grow into international changemakers. This new Web3 accelerator program takes a bold step forward. With our diverse cohort of international startups working on questions of digital legacy, brand marketing, sports entertainment, agribusiness, fundraising, and cybersecurity, we’re innovating ecosystems, democratizing investment opportunities, and building the digital economic infrastructure of tomorrow.

Gilles De Clerck- Program Managing Director