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From Founders to Transformational Leaders: The Journey of SaaS Bilbao’s Third Acceleration Program

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In the vibrant world of innovation, SaaS Bilbao’s latest acceleration program has gracefully concluded, marking a humble yet significant step forward for eleven startups. Our approach was simple yet profound: not just to cultivate entrepreneurs but to gently guide them towards becoming Transformational Leaders. This journey was underpinned by the belief that true leadership is about more than managing a business—it’s about making a meaningful difference in the world. 

Through this program, we aimed to quietly inspire, encouraging each participant to envision a future where they can make a real impact, however big or small. We’re here to support dreams, fostering a community where everyone grows together.

“The Bilbao B2B SaaS batch doesn’t just aim to transform founders into Entrepreneurs; it elevates them to become Transformational Leaders. With passion, ambition, and courage, founders emerge more focused and accountable, shaping their leadership style to drive impact. Together, they form a supportive Startup Wise Guys family, celebrating highs, sharing lows, and even adopting playful nicknames. As we say goodbye, we remember: ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.'” 

The Essence of Program

The program was meticulously designed to help founders become more focused and accountable, essential traits for any leader. By accelerating the development of a leadership style that resonates with their teams and their visions, the program sought to prepare these leaders to make their mark on the world.

A Unique Blend of Online and In-Person Interactions

One of the program’s highlights was the opportunity for quality engagement through both online workshops and in-person meetings in Bilbao and Tartu. Austin emphasizes the importance of building trust—something that takes time, work, and consistency. The relationships forged during the program are expected to endure, creating a supportive SWG family where successes are celebrated, and challenges are shared and learned from.

Celebrating Individuality

In a playful yet profound way, the program participants developed nicknames for each other, reflecting their unique characteristics and personas. From Jack the Purposeful Tortoise of Platter to Iron Man Matt from Rating Captain, these monikers symbolize the diverse strengths and personalities within the group. This sense of camaraderie and individual recognition underscores the program’s approach to investing in people—or, as Austin puts it, ‘animals.’

The teams:

Rating Captain (Poland) – All-in-one social proof management platform. Focused on authentic product reviews, reliable data and e-commerce customization. Backed by 24/7 customer support.

USEFLOW (Portugal) – Mobile and gamified, the only platform developed for greater adhesion and engagement with your entire team, from the storefront to the factory floor. Communication, research, training, and development in a technological revolution.

Glassity (Estonia) – AI-driven enterprises Cloud Governance software, that benefits the decision-making Product Owners and Product Managers, with superior cloud visibility and reduced cloud waste.

Tabelo (Lithuania) – The fastest way to pay at the restaurant. Their suite of innovative solutions is designed to streamline operations, enhance guest interactions, and empower your staff.

Platter (United Kingdom) – Platter is an all-in-one B2B SaaS platform that revolutionizes the food wholesale sector. We save time, increase revenues, and eliminate food waste!

Uspacy (Ukraine) – Communication, collaboration, and CRM. All-in-one.

SelectAM Oy (Finland)  – Developing software for end-to-end additive manufacturing workflows.

Chatty Insights (Spain) – The AI brain for Customer Research. One source of truth for customer-centric decisions. Collect and analyze insights from customer feedback, interviews, and more.

Gaddex (Spain) – Gaddex revolutionizes employee socialization with its all-in-one platform for internal company events, enabling fast networking, social integration, and efficient management of activities.

doFlo (United States) – AI-empowered workflow automation.

Biteful (Estonia) – #1 ordering platform for restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars.

The Journey and Its Joys

Amidst the rigorous journey of building a startup, the program infused elements of fun, from padel and bowling to savoring culinary delights prepared by SWG’s CEO, Cristobal. These moments of joy were not just breaks from the grind but integral parts of the journey, fostering a culture of enjoyment and balance.

Expert Guidance and Fresh Mindsets

The program’s success was further amplified by the dedicated support from lead coaches and mentors, who helped the founders focus on critical business areas such as sales, marketing, fundraising, and pitching. This guidance often introduced fresh mindsets and approaches, reinforcing the belief that “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Looking Ahead

As SaaS Bilbao’s third acceleration program concludes, it leaves behind a legacy of transformational leaders ready to navigate the complexities of the startup world with confidence, focus, and a supportive community. The journey from founders to leaders is fraught with challenges, but for these eleven startups, it’s a journey well embarked upon, promising a future filled with innovation, impact, and success.

As we bid farewell to these amazing teams, we have started the lookout for the next batch of bold and ambitious SaaS startups. If you think you are the one, check out our upcoming SaaS Accelerator program