The Italian startup making waves in the shipping industry

Karrycar is an Italian venture that began in 2021, as digital freight forwarders they are set on optimizing the commercial shipping industry services and bringing a new level of efficiency and convenience to the B2B space.

Things started for Karrycar in 2020, the team began their mission to revolutionize the B2C market of shipping large high-value items such as cars, boats, furniture, and bikes. As requests flooded in they soon realized that there was a big gap in the market… Car dealerships and transportation companies were ill-equipped for wide-scale shipping. This customer discovery led to the formation of KarryCar in 2021 with a renewed sense of purpose; to make shipping efficient and simple for businesses.

Karrycar provides instant quotes, collection, and delivery across Italy and Europe, competitive prices, quick turnaround times, certified transporters, and reliable customer service… It’s no surprise that they are getting thousands of requests each month.

As things got off the ground and the company wanted to expand its horizons, this is when it enrolled in Startup Wise Guy’s SaaS Milan 2022 batch. Co-founder Mattia told us that their time in the  program was essential for their growth where they “gained a wealth of knowledge on how to effectively structure our business both internally and externally.”Impressively during their time with us they expanded their monthly revenue from 10K to a staggering 100K.

The founders

Co-founders Mattia Stevanin and Marco Feltrin his team began their venture Karrycar in the Veneto region after working on innovative startup Droop and launching web based portal

Mattia thinks that Karrycar’s success is a real testament to his small team’s hard work, dedication and expertise. The company hasn’t incurred any direct marketing expenses highlighting just how resourceful they have been.


“Starting a business is an evolving process that requires adaptability and openness. It’s important not to let fixed ideas and beliefs obstruct your ability to listen to what the market is telling you. Investing time in understanding your potential customers can bring more value than spending the same amount of time on developing and marketing your product.”

What Mattia would say to founders starting out!


What’s next for Karrycar?

The future’s looking bright for Karrycar. Their priority is to focus on expanding their model into new markets and their long-term ambition is to reach a monthly revenue of €1 million.


Facts about KarryCar*

Founded in:

SaaS Milan 2022

Active in:

Team members:

Funding raised: €510K

*June, 2023