Our team

Running an accelerator is a bit like running a kindergarten! This is the kick-ass team that will keep you on track with KPIs, give constructive feedback and make sure your time at accelerator will be a life-changing experience!

Cristobal Alonso

Global CEO & El Patron

Herty Tammo

Co-founder & Investor

Dag Ainsoo

Investment Manager & CFO

Egita Polanska

Head of Operations

Juan Alonso-Villalobos

Fintech program Director

Alexandra Balkova

Managing Director SaaS program

Karina Lapina

Startup Scouting

Anni Säär

Legal Officer

Lone Jensen

Managing Director Fintech program

Farid Singh

Lead Tech Mentor (Fintech)

Oscar Sanjuan

Lead Tech Mentor (SaaS)

Jevgeni Kabanov

Venture Partner

Evita Kreile

Fintech program Manager

Zane Bojāre

Head of Marketing & Communications

Darja Ogorodnik

SaaS program Manager

Luīze Sila

Marketing & Communications Manager

Marta Madara Dundure

Program Associate

Alona Belinska

Online Pre-Accelerator program Manager