Overlooked Markets Fintech Fund

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Overlooked Markets Fintech Fund leverages Startup Wise Guys’ existing experience in Fintech, Insurtech, and Regtech. It is designed to invest in early-stage startups from overlooked markets. These markets refer to countries that are not typically in the radar of most investors, offering a higher possibility of finding raw gems with higher capital efficiency and reasonable valuations. The main focus of this strategy is on broader CEE (Central and Eastern Europe), Baltics, and Mediterranean Europe.


Startup Wise Guys already has broad experience in fintech startups with an existing portfolio of more than 60 startups in this vertical. The fund is led by Partners with broad experience in banks, investment and insurance companies.

We invest

Our investment strategy is divided as follows: 50% of the investment will be done in startups that will go through the SWG acceleration program, and 50% will be invested in the best deals from the accelerator, as well as direct seed investments. Focus on financial businesses, particularly SaaS, in the verticals of Fintech, Insurtech, and Regtech.

Startups entering accelerator are eligible for up to 150K eur investment with 250K eur follow-on possibility.

The accelerator program is developed with specific Fintech content and mentoring to help boost the commercial chances of success of the start-up.

up to 150K€

Investment Range


Follow-on possibility

20M €

Fund size


Why the Overlooked Markets Fintech Fund

Fintech is booming, and the real treasures are in overlooked markets. Regions like the Broader CEE, Baltics, and Mediterranean Europe are gold mines of innovation, often missed by mainstream investors. That’s where the Overlooked Markets Fintech Fund steps in.Here’s our game: while others tread well-worn paths, we seek hidden gems. These aren’t just any startups; they’re top-tier, promising both innovation and capital efficiency.

We’re championing the overlooked B2B founders, particularly those crafting solutions in SaaS within the fintech, insurtech, and regtech verticals. With the backing of heavyweights like Bain Capital and luminaries such as Ilkka Paananen and Mikko Kodisoja from Supercell, and the accolades of Andreas Mihalovits, the Best European Angel Investor of 2018, our commitment is unshakeable.Why blend in with the conventional when you can be a trailblazer with Overlooked Markets Fintech Fund? Dive into a unique deal flow, leverage Europe’s premier accelerator, and partner with startups meticulously selected through a rigorous process. We’re not just scouting talent; we’re sculpting the future of fintech.

Meet the Team

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