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We have fully kicked off our brand new Impact aka Hack the Crisis online pre-accelerator with 28 teams working on various solutions to tackle immediate and longterm Corona crisis challenges, as well as additional teams working in the impact direction. Majority of teams are selected winners of local Hack the Crisis hackathons working on remote work, education, healthcare, delivery and other sectors. However, to spice things up, we have also onboarded teams from recent (and Corona crisis inspired) SexHack – so no surprises to see some exciting startups in production at the bottom of our list. The applications still keep coming in and rumour has it we might launch a second program soon enough (for those reading this and being curios – check our Hack the Crisis page and get on waiting list).

Without further ado – here’s the full list of the teams that have gotten in!

Panda TrainingWe provide human-led and chatbot micro-coaching to employees via Teams/Slack to drive remote work transition.Finland
TechlaimTechlaim is a platform enabling universities, TTO, companies, and entrepreneurs to communicate with a social network.Latvia
Co-deliveryCo-delivery is a cost-transparent community-base marketplace to connect small grocery producers, couriers and customers.Latvia
AOCAOC is a three-level toolkit built in order to help those in need of emotional support.Lithuania
LocalunLocalun is offering platform for SMEs to grow their business by attracting donations/loans through personal stories.Latvia
One Stop Solution for Distance LearningAn educational network that enables distance learning and provides digital support to children.Albania
Torno al solito postoAn online platform to provide a rapid cash flow income to restaurateurs by promoting gift cardsItaly / QtrackerQ-Tracker is a real-time COVID19-related symptom tracking and analytics tool for the crisis management teamSlovakia
Smart TriageSmart Triage is an app helping with pre-identification of potentially suspected COVID-19 patients and speeding up triage in hospitalsCzech Republic
QuickQQuickQ is digitizing queuing and ticketing solutions to better prepare society for once it reopensDenmark
Own Your MindHelping people manage their mental health during social isolationDenmark
GreenBytesGreenBytes uses AI to tell food retailers how much food to order to reduce food waste and increase profits.Iceland
RoodkappjeFree community driven deliveryHolland is a e-Commerce and Marketplace platform based in Kosovo and trying to help businesses start sell onlineKosovo
Share Force OneShare Force One is a workforce sharing platform that connects B2B sides for temporary and long-term workforce exchangeEstonia
HomestudyHomestudy is developing web-based service for teachers, allowing them to correct pen-and-pencil homework easily. Estonia
GoBasketGoBasket allows you to shop in your favorite grocery store from the comfort of your home with delivery to your doorstepDenmark
Pill2DoorStreamline and improve electronic prescriptions and delivery of medicine to people in need and elderlySlovakia
MatchetuneMatchetune is developing nutraceutics to help relieve inflammation in a natural way by using patented nanotechnologyChile
UVIResoUVIRESO is developing a near 100% effective UV radiation anti-virus respirator to protect hospital staff from infectionLithuania
Safe Glove PackDevelopment of a glove box which highly reduces virus and bacterial transmission in healthcare facilities, gastronomyAustria
 LunsjLunsj is creating a B2B SaaS to help companies spark social connection at work by matching employees for group meetups.Norway
BrainyBrainy is developing a no-code enterprise development platform to help companies in digital transformation with LOB appsCroatia
Roho NetworkRoho Network is a marketplace that connects essential workers to non-traditional suppliers of healthcare goodsAustria
PopdotPopdot is a smart vibrator that gives a personalized experience Germany
Sensual Mindfulness (TBC)
Sensual Mindfulness – a pleasurable and playful meditation app that can empower sexuality and help with sexual issues by teaching new tools to increase happiness and vitality
Israel& Russia
WIYO (TBC)WIYO develops SaaS for frequent business travelers to match their schedules with local businesses using big data toolsRussia
Pilot Angel (TBC)PilotAngels patented tech prevents accidents & increases work efficiency by predicting fatigue & detecting intoxicationLithuania

If you see that you could help either of them, we still accept mentors (both team nannies and on-demand experts). To be enrolled in the mentor gang, please fill the form and we’ll onboard you. Thanks to all 40+ mentors, who are already actively scheduling calls and mentoring startups.

Hack the Crisis Online Pre-accelerator program is an impact-driven program by Europe’s most experienced B2B accelerator and aimed at teams coming out of #HacktheCrisis hackathons all over Europe and beyond to ensure the continuity and maximum impact.

It is inspired by Garage48, Accelerate Estonia, and Guaana, supported by the EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy and Slovakian philanthropist Boris Zeleny providing the program with a cash prize pool of 17K EUR.