Meet the very first Wise Guys Growth batch

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Wise Guys Growth team screenshot

We are proud to announce that six hand-picked startups begin a half year long journey in a new Wise Guys online program. Aim of this new initiative is to accelerate pre-series A startups and nurture the hidden treasures of the New Europe region. Wise Guys Growth is an invitation-only program developed for scale-ups, to support their growth and international expansion across Europe and the US.

This batch has not only teams that have gone through our early stage acceleration programs in the past, but also new startups joining our portfolio and family. Each startup is receiving a 150k EUR investment and our own #SWG teams will face a 250k EUR follow-on opportunity.

Meet the amazing teams selected – sixt teams, six verticals, five countries. Half of them being Alumni already and all of them ready to take off:

Copernic Space (USA) – A digital marketplace for the global space economy that allows entities to commercialize their digital data, software, and IP, as well as get support for their project.

Investory (Austria) – All in one startup investor relations portfolio management platform. Track and report startup data to all investors.

JetBeep (Ukraine) – A Device and a Mobile Wallet Platform for Payment Systems, Banks and Retailers. Jetbeep offers mobile engagement and interaction in the physical world. We help brands personally and contextually engage their customers in the right place at the right time.

Monkee (Austria) – An app that increases financial fitness by bringing saving & spending into a sustainable balance. The Monkee app allows users to strengthen their financial fitness while fulfilling their small goals and big dreams. The users define their savings goals and then receive weekly targets to make these goals come true.

TechTree (UK) – A career networking platform to help devs from across the world to get mentored, grow a network and experience a better – unbiased – recruitment experience (a LinkedIn for Devs). We do this by making it simple to engage thousands of engineers worldwide, made accessible through hundreds of communities, that can be engaged by companies via Patreon like model.

VSight (Lithuania) – An industrial augmented reality software platform, that helps enterprises to transform their workforce into an intelligent workforce and increase productivity, by integrating wearable and mobile software into the enterprise workflow.

Wise Guys Growth Managing Director Daniela Esposito joined our team in early 2020 as a resident mentor and people strategy go-to-person. She has wide experience in driving critical business transformation projects and has been working at a global level in corporate environments, within a shared service centre, in consulting services and with startups & scaleups.

“Working with such talented teams to help them rise to the challenges of a growing company, is such a privilege! Together, we will find our way through optimizing operations, financials, strategy and people skills, to make the business sustainable at international level.”

Daniela Esposito, MD

This program is run by a dedicated team at Startup Wise Guys with some of the most highly valued coaches and mentors, as well as Techni Ventures team based in New York for the US expansion assessment and module.